Thursday, May 26, 2005

review of bloodlines by x&al danzabel

On Saturday 21 May 2005 at 8.00 I found myself at the
Albany Theatre - Douglas Way - Deptford - London - I
had read that BBC Radio 3 did a recording for a
broadcast as part of AFRICA LIVES ON THE BBC in
association with Apples & Snakes - and I have the
pleasure of being a faness of the poetess Ebele Ajogbe
who read her story not on the platform but in the
audience holding on to a mango...

The running order started with a silken suit clad
overpowering Segun Lee French running in and out the
following performances of Zena Edwards - Ebele -
Malika Booker - Janine La Rosa - Charlie Dark - Jason
Grant - Jan Blake - Jay Bernard - Tuup - and the whole
evening was produced by Shabina Aslam.

these stories and poems were specially commissioned
about issues of family and slavery and belonging
reflecting and exposing the veins that run through a
shifting landscape to places where the bloodlines were

Ebele's blooline started ... We lived in Emene - the
outskirts - just next to the airport. You could see
big butterfly planes landing, swooping over the tinned
roof huts & the other place where Mama Chi-Chi sold
akara and akamu... and ran right to her persona
holding the mango that evening.

There were some repetitions after the performance to
adapt and edit the evening for send out which I think
is a shame - for the live feeling was perfect for me
with satire and nostalgia and aggression and humour
well mixed and I have fond memories of admiration for
all artists indeed.

With a bloodline not started in Africa I include a
x&al danzabel

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Blogger Ren247 said...

Xandal, as always very entertaining and creative in her writing. She gives the reader a classic xandal-interpretation of African literature in such a way that the work of the artist(poet/story teller) is not lost or reinvented but enhanced and complemented by her 'spices'

11:09 AM  

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